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Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Breaching the Walls of Ignorance: Architecting a Proactive Cybersecurity Culture within your Organization

The contemporary digital landscape is littered with adversaries – lurking phishers, prowling APT groups, and ravenous ransomware hounds. These cyber adversaries operate in a perpetual twilight war, constantly probing for vulnerabilities in the castle walls that safeguard your organization’s critical data. While advanced firewalls and intrusion detection systems act as formidable bastions, the most impregnable […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Conquering the Cloud: Mastering SOC 2 Readiness and Assessment with Joushen

In today’s cloud-powered world, data reigns supreme. Protecting sensitive information, however, requires not just firewalls and passwords, but unwavering trust. Enter SOC 2, the Service Organization Controls framework that validates a company’s commitment to security, privacy, and integrity. But navigating the labyrinthine world of SOC 2, particularly Types 1 and 2 assessments, can be daunting. […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Unlocking Network Vigilance: Demystifying Intrusion Detection with Joushen and Thinkst Canary

In today’s digital landscape, where threats lurk around every corner of the internet, robust security measures are no longer optional – they’re essential. Enter the area of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), your digital sentinels keeping watch on your network for even the subtlest signs of malicious activity. Think of an IDS as a sophisticated alarm […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

In the Labyrinth of Cardholder Data: Demystifying PCI DSS Compliance Assessments through a Risk-Based Lens

In the bustling marketplace of financial data, few realms are as complex or critical as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This intricate tapestry of regulations governs the protection of the holy grail of modern commerce: cardholder data. At Joushen, navigating this landscape is second nature, and we proudly offer PCI DSS […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Securing the Backbone: A Deep Dive into OT/ICS Cybersecurity Architecture

In the intricate era of modern industry, Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) play a critical role, orchestrating the symphony of automated processes that keep the lights on and the gears turning. However, lurking in the shadows of these vital systems lies a growing threat: cyberattacks aimed at disrupting and disabling essential operations. […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Elevating Service Delivery: How CMMI Can Empower Your Organization

In a world driven by digital interactions and seamless experiences, the quality and efficiency of service delivery have become paramount. Organizations across industries strive to build robust frameworks that elevate customer satisfaction, minimize risk, and optimize performance. This is where Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for Services (CMMI-SVC) emerges as a transformative force. Developed by […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Thinkst Canary Takes Flight in KSA with Joushen: Proactive Intrusion Detection Here!

Joushen, your trusted cybersecurity partner in KSA, is proud to announce an unbreakable alliance with Thinkst Canary, bringing you the ultimate early warning system against digital incursions. No more waiting in the dark – Joushen and Thinkst Canary empower you to detect intrusions the moment they happen and neutralize threats before they escalate. Introducing Thinkst […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

From Vulnerable to Vigilant: Empowering Your Workforce with Joushen’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training

In the digital age, information is currency, and our networks are the vaults that hold it. But just like any valuable asset, these data troves need dedicated guardians – not armored knights, but cybersecurity-aware employees. This is where Joushen steps in, offering businesses an impenetrable shield against the ever-escalating digital threats through comprehensive cybersecurity awareness […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Joushen: Amplifying Canary’s Early Warning System for Unparalleled Network Security

In today’s digital landscape, traditional security solutions often feel like watching paint dry – endless alerts, complex configurations, and minimal actionable insights. Breaches are discovered far too late, leaving businesses scrambling to contain the damage. But what if there was a way to detect attackers before they dig in, with near-zero operational overhead and pin-point […]

Cybersecurity Design Development Startup Technology

Common Challenges in Obtaining ISO 27001 Certification

Achieving ISO 27001 certification is a significant milestone for organizations looking to demonstrate their commitment to information security management. However, the path to certification is fraught with challenges that require meticulous planning, technical expertise, and organizational dedication. In this comprehensive post, we delve into the intricate details of common problems encountered by organizations during their […]