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We offer a wide range of security vendors solutions to help protect your organization from cyber threats. These solutions are designed to be comprehensive, easy to use, and affordable.

Intrusion Detection System

Most companies discover they've been breached way too late. At Joushen, we offer Canary that fixes this: just 3 minutes of setup, no ongoing overhead; nearly 0 false positives, and you can detect attackers long before they dig in. Contact Joushen today to learn more about IDS-Canary.

Privilege Access Management

When it's essential, times matters. Achieve PAM security within minutes. At Joushen, we offer PAM Solution by leading Vendors that are fully customizable as per enterprise requirements. Limited at budget? We have got you! Let's connect and discuss the needs over phone call. Contact Us!

Cybersecurity Awareness & Training

Empower Your Organization’s Cyber Resilience with Advanced Cyber Range Technology. Boost your organization’s cyber resilience with this Vendor subscription-based cyber range. This platform, trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide. Looking forward for implementation of awareness solution for employees? Let's get in touch!

Threat Intelligence

Blindspots breeding cyber chills? Threat Intel shines a piercing light. Ditch guesswork for actionable insights, predict attacks before they pounce, and outsmart adversaries in their own game. Automated investigations and expert intel paint a clear picture of your threat landscape, so you can focus on defense, not discovery. One call away!

Digital Forensic & Incident Response

Data breaches often lurk in the shadows, unseen and unsuspected, until the damage is done. But what if you could shine a light into those dark corners and expose the attackers before they vanish? Joushen's DFIR vendor solution is your forensic bloodhound, sniffing out even the faintest traces of digital malfeasance. Call now!

Governance Risk & Compliance

Juggling regulations, managing risk, and navigating compliance? Joushen's vendor Platform simplifies the chaos. Think Swiss Army knife for governance, risk, and compliance – one unified platform to streamline assessments, mitigate threats, and ensure seamless reporting. Joushen: Orchestrating your GRC symphony, note by meticulous note. Get in touch today!

Brand Protection

Sleep tight on your brand's reputation. Joushen's vendor platform scans the web like a hawk, detecting and neutralizing threats to your name from counterfeits to scams. 24/7 vigilance, lightning-fast alerts, and expert takedown support let you sleep soundly, knowing your digital fortress is impregnable. Stop sweating imposters, let Joushen stand guard with Constant Intelligence.

Email Security

Shield your inbox from the storm. Traditional email filters are like flimsy umbrellas in a hurricane. Email security platforms are fortresses, built to withstand the barrage of phishing scams, malware, and spam that threaten your business every day. Contact us today! to learn more about the vendor solution.

Identity Protection

In today's digital age, privacy is a precious commodity, especially for high-profile individuals like CISOs and CEOs. Their online identities are constantly under attack by malicious actors seeking to exploit their influence or steal sensitive information. Joushen's vendor Identity Protection Platform comes to the rescue, acting as a digital bodyguard for these vulnerable individuals.

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