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Joushen's GRC-As-A-Service: Your One-Stop Shop for Effortless Compliance and Business Growth

Struggling to navigate the ever-changing compliance landscape? Drowning in paperwork and audits? Joushen’s GRC-As-A-Service is here to empower your business with tailored, on-demand solutions that ensure compliance confidence, risk mitigation, and optimized growth.

Achieve and Maintain Compliance with Ease:

Joushen’s team of GRC experts provides comprehensive support for a wide range of compliance frameworks, including:

ISO 27001

Secure your information management system with internationally recognized best practices.


Enhance trust and data security for cloud services and SaaS solutions, fostering client confidence.


Meet stringent Saudi Arabian cybersecurity regulations with ease, ensuring peace of mind and regulatory adherence.

Cybersecurity Compliance Auditing

Identify vulnerabilities and ensure adherence to specific industry mandates, proactively addressing potential risks.

Gap Assessments

Uncover compliance gaps and develop targeted remediation strategies, streamlining your journey to full compliance.

Risk Assessments

Understand and mitigate potential threats to your organization's data and infrastructure, safeguarding your valuable assets.

Flexible, Scalable, and Cost-Effective:

Unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all compliance solutions, Joushen’s GRC-As-A-Service offers:


Choose the services that perfectly align with your unique compliance needs and business goals.


Easily scale your GRC efforts up or down as your business evolves, ensuring optimal resource allocation.


Benefit from expert guidance without the overhead of full-time staff, maximizing your return on investment.

1-2 Year Service Term:

Enjoy sustained compliance management and risk mitigation over a defined period with our flexible service terms:

By utilizing approaches and tools that are industry standard, our team will identify vulnerabilities and provide a detailed report of them along with recommendations for remediation.

1-Year Service

Gain a solid foundation for long-term compliance and address immediate needs effectively.

2-Year Service

Secure sustained support and proactive guidance, ensuring consistent compliance posture and risk mitigation.

Benefits Go Beyond Compliance:

Joushen’s GRC-As-A-Service delivers more than just compliance:

Our team will explore the following areas during the testing:

Enhanced Reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to security and data privacy, fostering trust with clients and partners.

Reduced Costs

Proactive risk mitigation helps prevent costly security incidents and data breaches.

Improved Efficiency

Streamlined compliance processes free up internal resources for core business activities.

Optimized Growth

Compliance confidence empowers you to pursue new opportunities and expand your business securely.

Ready to Embrace Effortless Compliance?

Contact Joushen today for a free consultation! Our experts will assess your unique needs and tailor a GRC-As-A-Service solution that propels your business forward with confidence.

Are you ready to take your security to the next level?

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